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Discover Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
about Therapeutic Massage

Q 1 My doctor recommends that I have therapeutic massage to help me heal after an accident, but I'm very modest about taking off my clothes. Can you still help someone like me?
A 1 You undress to your comfort level. The only body part that needs to be undraped is the one we're working on at the time. We even have a therapist who can do massage over clothing if necessary.
Q 2 How can I justify spending money on the luxury of a massage?
A 2 A lot of people don't realize that massage therapy is medically based, not a luxury spa indulgence. The science of medicine has come to realize that massage can provide pain relief that some people find even better than pain medication.
Q 3 Does it hurt to have a massage?
A 3 Massage therapy doesn't have to be painful in order to produce beneficial results.
Q 4 I have difficulty with parts of my body that don't involve sore muscles, so massage isn't for me, is it?
A 4 Actually, many people don't realize that therapeutic massage can help with a number of different conditions beside muscle tension.
Q 5 I told my doctor where I have been experiencing pain, but she never even touched the area to investigate the problem. I'm frustrated. Do you think massage can help me?
A 5 The training our therapists received enables them, through touch, to identify specific areas that are causing you pain, and they can affirm what you are experiencing. This often gives our clients confidence that the therapist is knowledgeable and can suggest helpful treatment options.
Q 6 I'm intrigued by all the benefits I read about from therapeutic massage, but I'm not used to being touched, and I'm not sure I would like it. How do you address that issue?
A 6 We understand people who don't like to be touched. At Evergreen Massage Therapy, we take time to slowly walk through the issue with you. Sometimes it's a matter of being ticklish. Often trust issues are involved. We spend time explaining the science behind muscle spasms and causes of pain. We detail the therapeutic benefits of massage and work with you until you're comfortable. Our goal is to talk with you as long as necessary for you to be comfortable with this type of beneficial therapy.

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